1 Entrepreneurship and soft-skills

YoPeVa · October 21, 2023

The general objective of this course is to introduce to participants what entrepreneurship is and what does it mean to become an entrepreneur. Moreover, and more importantly, its aim is also to make participants see entrepreneurship as a feasible career option and feel competent to be an entrepreneur (to be self-employed and run a company) working on key soft-skills.

This course is an essential first step in the process of becoming an Entrepreneur, not only by the added value of training soft-skills, but also by understanding the need an significance of the other courses in the program. Further, those taking this course would appreciate its contents to be related to real life situations and business ideas. For this reason, (1) the identification of a personal business idea for each student and (2) the practical activities directed to that idea (or any other meaningful and practical business situations) are central to this course.

Please, note that the value of the entire training program needs to be perceived by participants in this first course. It is thus suggested that each student chooses a personal business project and applies the main concepts in the course by means of practical activities.

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